Kate Moore Myers Pressed Glass Goblet Collection

Kate Moore Myers was the "Lady of the House" in the Manor House for 26 years. She and her husband Guy Chase Myers raised three children there, Elizabeth, Miriam and Philip. Elizabeth shared many of her family's items with us to be displayed in the house in which she grew up.

Kate collected these goblets for years and years, and each is different, and they are all quite fascinating. Even the names of the patterns are unusual. Some are obvious, but others cause you to study the goblet to see how on earth the designer came up with that name.

The goblets grace the windows on one wall of the dining room, and the rest of the furniture matches the breakfront, which is monogrammed with an "M" in stained glass. Kate herself, with the help of another friend of the Society, Dick Leidy, put an "antique" finish on the furniture.