Wiley Quill Basket Collection

William Kunkle Wiley was a big-hearted antique dealer who loved his hometown more than anything, but also had a passion to travel. He went into Michigan a lot, and on his journeys he purchased Native American made boxes. These are mostly made from porcupine quills, bark and assorted other natural things. The talent it takes to make them is astounding. Over the years, he collected quite a few and, ultimately, he gave his collection to the Historical Society. They are in the Carriage House now with our other Native American artifacts. This collection alone is well worth a trip!

William (Bill) made many, many contributions to the Historical Society. He was very generous with his time, his expertise, his belongings and his finances. The Gallery in the Manor House is named for him, and we often think of him, and always fondly.  

These are just a few of the fabulous pieces. Notice the effect that the artist was able to achieve; for example, the "reflection" of the sun on the water.