Ashland County Gunsmiths of the 19th Century

Event Name Date Time Location
Ashland County Gunsmiths
of the 19th Century
April 30, 2017 1 to 4pm Freer Home

The Ashland County Historical Society is pleased to present an educational discussion and display of Ashland County muzzle-loading rifles. Peter A. Reinhard and Hugh Weaver will be featured as well as other Ashland County gunsmiths of the 19th century. A presentation and interactive discussion will begin at 1pm with displays available for viewing and open discussion.

Peter A. Reinhard was a gunsmith and marksman operating out of Loudonville, Ohio during the mid-1800s. Reinhard became famous for the quality of his muzzle-loading rifles and for his prowess in shooting competitions. Reinhard and Weaver rifles remain popular with collectors today.

This special event will take place at the museum’s Freer Home located at 1260 Center Street. Free and open to the public; donations are welcome.