Ashland County Historical Society Leadership

The Ashland County Historical Society is a volunteer organization made up of its members. The members are represented by the Board of Trustees and the Associate Committee. The Finance Committee serves to oversee investments. Each has a separate purpose.

The Board of Trustees is elected and handles things like investments, maintenance expenses, personnel and other "business" issues.

The Associate Committee is largely comprised of the chairmen of the various volunteer committees. They handle issues related to display, events, decoration, preservation and storage.

Board of Trustees

Associate Committee Members

Barb Queer, President Gaylord Abrams
Dick Dilgard Kay Abrams
Cindy Funk Judith DeVaul
Bill Harvey Joyce Imhoff
Rick Hirst Cindy Kerr
Jane Roland Nancy Kopp
Bill Stepp Barb Queer
Bill Strine Bob Valentine
  Gerald Workman