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The Myers Family

George and Elizabeth Myers settled in Ashland in 1874. They had nine children. At the time of their settling here, they were working with the Studebaker family making wagons. The Historical Society has one of those wagons on campus.

Their oldest son, F.E., and next oldest son, P.A., worked together making products for use in barns and homes. P.A. had some talent in design and they decided to go into business for themselves. F.E. Myers and Bro. was born. They started out with hay tools, carriers, forks, winnowers and various other tools. F.E. noticed on his sales runs that the thing farmers were most in need of was water delivery systems. They needed pumps for inside the home, but also for the livestock and in the fields. They began working on this and eventually came up with a design that was so unique and so much more efficient than what went before, that they went like hotcakes.

Patents were filed, and the company set off the Industrial Boom here in Ashland County. Their products encompassed many avenues of water delivery, from sprayers that fit on 55 gallon drums, to orchard sprayers that could be operated from a tank on the user's back. They had small pitcher pumps meant for sinks in homes, and huge pumps meant to fill the huge storage tanks many homes of that time had in the attic.

From the 1870's till the 1960's, the family ran the business. The other two brothers in the family, A.N. and G.D., were eventually brought in and served on the board. F.E. had quite a few children himself, and his sons and some of his sons-in-law were brought into the business. His other sons-in-law were successful businessmen in their own right, and they brought some of those companies here to Ashland, both to be near the family and the business. An example of that is T.W. Miller. He married Helen Myers and brought Faultless Rubber to Ashland shortly after. Faultless was a major employer in Ashland for many years.

There are so many Myers, and they did so much, we could not possibly recount it all here. However, we have many of their family photos and belongings, thanks to the generosity of the family. As you look at the details regarding our campus, you will glean more about the family. If you should have any specific questions other than that, please feel free to call or email the office and someone would be glad to look it up for you.

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